Shah Rukh Khan Mannat: Know The Truth Behind The Diamond Nameplate On ‘Mannat’? Gauri Khan Made A Big Disclosure | What is the truth behind the diamond nameplate on ‘Mannat’? Gauri Khan made a big disclosure


The palace-like house of Bollywood superstars Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan remains in headlines every day. In such a situation, the nameplate of King Khan’s house is also in constant discussion.

What is the truth behind the diamond nameplate on 'Mannat'?  Gauri Khan made a big disclosure

Gauri Khan

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Bollywood’s king Shah Rukh Khan is at the forefront of every aspect, be it earning or fan following. Shahrukh Khan is also known for his luxury life. Actor’s house Mannat is quite famous. Everyday there is a line outside the superstar’s house to see him. Everything in Mannat is very special. This magnificent palace like house has been decorated by Gauri Khan herself. Its discussions are also done abroad. Recently, there was news about Mannat that Gauri has changed its nameplate and given a new look to the house.

In fact, in the past, while taking photos outside Mannat, people had noticed that the nameplate there was missing. After which news came out that the nameplate had been sent for repair. Now when the fans were getting their picture clicked again, they saw that the nameplate has been put back. After seeing the nameplate, the fans got quite excited. He found that this time this new nameplate is quite different. On seeing the nameplate of Shahrukh Khan’s house, it became a part of the headlines.

After seeing the shine and beauty of the new nameplate outside Mannat, the news started spreading fast that the new nameplate is of Diamond. Not only this, it was also said that diamonds are studded in it. After hearing this news, even more crowd started gathering outside Mannate to see the nameplate. But now the truth about this nameplate has come to the fore. Which has been disclosed by Gauri Khan herself, to remove the misunderstanding of the people.

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Actually Gauri Khan has shared a picture of herself on her Instagram account. In this picture, Gauri is seen standing near the gate of Mannat, where the nameplate of Mannat’s name is attached. Shahrukh’s wife shared this picture and wrote in the caption that, the main door of your house is the entry point of your family and friends. Hence the name plate attracts positive energy. We chose a transparent material with glass crystals that emit a positive, uplifting and calming atmosphere. After this post surfaced, the fans are thanking Gauri for clearing their misconceptions. Users are also praising his work through comments. As everyone knows, Gauri Khan is also a business woman.

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