Hormones (Symptoms, Causes and Treatment of Hormone Deficiency)

हार्मोन की कमी के लक्षण, कारण और उपचार

[ad_1] Every organ in the human body is important. Even the actions inside the body are important. Hormones are one of those actions. Hormones are a type of chemical made in the body. These hormones reach the organs and tissues through the blood. They act slowly inside the body. and affect many processes. Hormones play … Read more

Benefits and harms of chia seeds

chia seeds in hindi

[ad_1] Chia seeds in hindi Not everyone is familiar with chia seeds today. But they all want to know chia seeds What is? And how is it beneficial for health. Those who are fitness freaks know about it, but who fitness freak No, they do not know about its benefits and uses. That is why … Read more

home remedies to get relief from cold

[ad_1] Cough and cold is a problem that comes with every changing season. A cough can be caused by a bacterial viral infection, an allergic sinus infection, or a cold. But in our country, people do not go to the doctor for every problem. Because there are many things related to home remedies in our … Read more

SmallPox Symptoms

SmallPox Symptoms in Hindi (चेचक के लक्षण ,कारण और उपचार)

[ad_1] Smallpox is a serious disease. This disease occurs in both young children and adults. This disease causes small rashes on the body. Smallpox is called a mother in common language. Smallpox rash comes out in the form of both small and large. But it looks the same. Whenever someone has smallpox. So the patient … Read more