Health Tips in Hindi | health tips in hindi 2022

[ad_1] important health tips in hindi major important here health tips in hindi are given, by which you can improve your daily life :- Eat dry fruits and seeds: Cut down on sugary drinks: Avoid consuming junk food: Get enough and good sleep: drink more water : eat fruits and green vegetables Don’t smoke and … Read more

Back pain while sleeping, how will it be cured?

[ad_1] If you feel pain in your back every morning, it can definitely be based on the direction of your sleep. A bad sleeping position not only directly affects your spinal cord but also causes pain all over your stomach. Due to which its natural curvature becomes like. Today we are going to show you … Read more

when to eat banana for weight gain

[ad_1] Hello friends, how are you all, we hope that you will be well with your family, friends, although we eat many types of fruits to gain weight, but the best fruit to gain weight is, today we know in this article that to gain weight when to eat banana Often we see that when … Read more

Know home remedies for fever in Hindi

[ad_1] To be honest, fever itself is not a big disease, but it is a sign and symptom of a disease, but fever is very painful. Due to this the body breaks down and the person feels weak. He is not even able to hold a conversation. today we you what are the home remedies … Read more

remedies to remove pimples with turmeric in hindi

[ad_1] Acne is not only unsightly, but it is also very uncomfortable and painful. Turmeric is the best option to eliminate acne. However, there are many ways to use turmeric for acne. In this article we Remedies to remove pimples with turmeric Will know functions of turmeric Turmeric can also be known as a magical … Read more

What is hysteria disease, why does it happen

[ad_1] In today’s time, everyone’s life is becoming like a machine. People have been eating whatever they want, due to which they keep getting many types of diseases, and due to the wrong lifestyle, they get mentally ill. Due to agitation and tension in the mind, the signs of hysteria disease increase. Although this disease … Read more

what are chia seeds

[ad_1] Hello friends, welcome to our website Hindi Top. Friends, today we are going to give you some information related to health. today we you What are Chia seeds? And will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages. Friends Chia seeds are one of the oldest sources of nutrition in the world, which are also … Read more