Early symptoms of pregnancy complete information in Hindi


Hello friends, welcome to our website Hindi top and today we are going to talk about women early signs of pregnancy Apart from this, you will also know from this article whether a woman is pregnant or not, the best way to know pregnancy is through a pregnancy kit.

However, your body also starts giving some signals earlier. There are many things that you do not know when you are going to be a mother for the first time. Negligence in such a situation can also increase the problem. There can be many reasons for late periods.

Sometimes people don’t even take it seriously. You may have conceived and find it normal to be late. In such a situation, running, lifting weights or traveling can cause problems for you. early signs of pregnancy It would be better to understand so that there is no mistake.

What is pregnancy?

Pregnancy is called the condition in which the development of fetus starts in a woman’s body or when a woman’s period stops coming, then this condition is called pregnancy. In other words, the stage in which a woman becomes pregnant is called pregnancy.

early signs of pregnancy

  • dizziness or nausea These symptoms are not seen in all women, but some women start feeling dizzy and nauseated during pregnancy.
  • Vomiting Vomiting is the most common symptom of pregnancy, but many women do not consider it serious and avoid it. Feeling like vomiting several times a day. This feeling persists throughout the pregnancy.
  • Absence of period Absence of period also indicates that the woman is pregnant. If her period comes on time every month and she does not have periods for a long time, then she should get a pregnancy test done.
  • Flatulence problem Flatulence is also seen in the symptoms of pregnancy. This is also due to hormonal changes. Along with this, there is also the problem of belching and gas.
  • Change in smell Some women are concerned about taste, only then suddenly their taste starts changing. Along with this, there is a change in the ability to smell, some things start burning after eating.
  • Morning sickness It is more during the day or at night. Morning sickness starts a month after getting pregnant. But many women get over it quickly.
  • Weakness of the digestive system During pregnancy, the digestive system of women is weak. Due to which the problem of constipation may have to be raised. Due to slow digestion, gas also starts forming.
  • Cramping in the body If she is pregnant, she may feel cramps. Just like cramps during periods. A pregnant woman has the same cramps, which are in her abdomen and lower back.

first month of pregnancy

You know that pregnancy happens only after the next month of conception. Although the early symptoms are not known, but you have to feel these symptoms. Let us know what are the early symptoms of pregnancy.

  • mood swings Many women have mood swings during pregnancy. Sometimes he starts joking, while feeling angry or sad, he suddenly sits somewhere.
  • back pain – At this time, due to the shedding of the lining of the uterus, the uterus begins to stretch. Because the pain starts in the waist and abdomen.
  • more dreams Symptoms of pregnancy in the first week dreams more than every day.
  • having a headache Some women get headache. Like someone has period migraine which is related to hormones.
  • Change in taste of mouth In the early symptoms of pregnancy, the taste of the mouth changes and the food feels bitter, so only sour things taste good.

In how many days do the symptoms of pregnancy appear?

Symptoms of pregnancy start appearing 6 to 14 days after conception. In these 6 to 14 days you start feeling changes in your body. By which it can be ascertained that the woman is pregnant. If she experiences all the symptoms listed above, she is probably pregnant. But before accepting it as true, you should do a pregnancy test, consult a doctor and confirm the pregnancy first.

how to know if you are pregnant or not

If you want to know whether you are pregnant or not, then definitely follow this stop

  • vinegar This test is done by mixing urine in vinegar. If you notice a change in color after mixing your urine with vinegar, you may be pregnant.
  • Vitreous glass – If you are pregnant, after putting urine in a glass, a white layer will appear after a while. If it does, you may be pregnant.
  • Use bleach Take some bleach in a container and add urine to it. After this, if bubbles appear in it, then it can be a sign of your pregnancy.
  • Use of soap If bubbles form with soap in the urine, you may be pregnant.
  • Dettol test To do the Dettol test, mix equal amounts of urine and Dettol in a glass container. If the Dettol and urine mix, then you are not pregnant, but if the urine collects and floats, then you may be pregnant.


Friends, in today’s article, we have told you what is pregnancy, early signs of pregnancy All types of information related to pregnancy have been given, as well as some such home remedies have also been told, through which you can do pregnancy test sitting at home, hope that you have liked this information, if you like it, then share it with your friend, relative. Do share this article with.

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