5 Basic Rules digital marketing funnel (What is digital marketing funnel?)


digital marketing funnel

What happens on the funnel side digital marketing funnel what is and How to learn digital marketing funnel?

Our digital marketing funnel in the article where you marketing funnel You can read about. After giving you basic information in this article, we will also give advance level information for this.

To understand the funnel, you must first understand marketing, this marketing is a very big term which is very important to understand. If you start learning direct funnel tools, then you will never be able to understand the funnel closely, so you first understand marketing.

We will start with the old model so that you can better understand the marketing funnel.

Digital Marketing Funnel Vs Marketing OLD Model (Traditional)

Old school marketers know that Elmo’s 4 step purchase model that works on AIDA. Let us know the meaning of AIDA.

digital marketing funnel

AIDA Full form

  1. A – Awareness
  2. I – interest
  3. D – Desire
  4. A – Action
Consciousness ,

Increasing awareness in the market of whatever your product or service is, finding out the potential of the market, how far your product or service can go to the cutomer.

Interest –

People who are a little bit interested in your product, we call them suspects. Means they are interested, they will see whether to take or not.

Example: Let’s say we gave our product awareness to 1 lakh customers, now 50000 people have shown interest after filtering from it.

desire ,

People who have shown interest for your product or services and those people who want to take this product or service will come in desire.

Example : 50000 people are interested but 20000 people do not want to buy, then 30000 people will go to desire after being filtered. Now whenever we have to run an advertisement, we have a Januen audience.

Action –

Now we have to nurture those people who are in desire, that is, those who wish to buy product service, we have to sell them in one way or the other. This is how marketing works.

The marketing mentioned above is called old model marketing, but internet is revolution and it is constantly changing, so now we will see and learn the new model. When funnel marketing converted to digital funnel marketing, it converted in a very different way. Let’s see the new model.

what is digital marketing

When we do marketing strategy on digital platform through internet from electronics devices, it is called digital marketing.

If you take a photo of your visiting card and put it on Facebook, then it is not called digital marketing. This is called spamming. In digital marketing, you have to select your product, your target audience, your platform and tools and bringing revenue under a strategy is called digital marketing.

what is funnel

Funnel These tools are a powerful way to reach a Januen audience and sell a product or service.

What is digital marketing funnel?

When old model funnel marketing was connected to internet and internet made it a next level marketing with the help of tools and also made it bigger, we call it digital marketing funnel.

digital marketing funnel

In this we will see 5 levels which are shown in the image like this, let’s understand them one by one. The concept in this is of funnel marketing only.

Example Let’s say we have a product Digital marketing E-book which costs Rs 500 but we cannot give it directly to any customer, so now we will follow the funnel rules. First we will attract the customer with a free ebook which will have some information and introduction to the paid book. Let’s understand further.

Attract –

In this, first we attract the customer towards our product, that is, we increase awareness, we tell about our product very well about ourselves. Engagement –

We give them the ebook for free, to download the ebook, we take their name, email, mobile, from them. Here we increase their engagement level.


When we made people aware of our product and gave free product to them for engagement, but as soon as they download the free product, a form would open in which they would have to capture their name, email, mobile, then only 500 people out of 1000 people. gives data.

Nurture –

Initially, we had given free ebook to the customer for engagement and capture, now we will give 2nd free ebook to nurture and after that if they have any special requirement, they will also provide some content free of cost. This is what is nurtured. As much as you trust at this level.


Converts will be those people to whom we have given a lot of value, whom we have nurtured. After nurture, we finally sell paid ebook to the customer i.e. convert it.

notes By the time they come to nurturing, many people get filtered. We attracted 1000, engagement 800 and capture 500 for ebook, after that nurture 300 only, now convert 100.

now you digital marketing funnel You must have understood that it has been explained by giving examples on the Ebook, but you can create a funnel for each industry yourself and define it as well.


you our digital marketing funnel How did you like the article, if you are also looking for tips to make funnel, then stay tuned in our blog, we are going to cover topics towards funnel as well.

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